Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RJ's Photo Shoot

The forecast called for some snow today, and OPM was allowing unscheduled leave or telework.  I almost took advantage of it, but decided against it because a) it wasn't snowing when it was time to leave the house and b) my boss was in town. It did snow in the afternoon, but it didn't impact the ride home.

I get an email from one of the HR ladies this morning, saying that they were going to go with another card vendor for employee appreciation week (even though I had made them the previous 2 years) and the reason was because of cost.

o_0   Oook, mmhm. 

My cards are already discounted from what I sell on Etsy and I've delivered a good product every time they've placed an order.  A part of me wanted to ask why they didn't want to negotiate, but then again, I don't wouldn't want to go too low because then it wouldn't be worth my time and energy.  I'm very curious to see what cards (if we get cards) we get this year.  I'm even more interested to see if anyone says something about how the cards this year look different from ones that we've gotten in the past.

As Taylor Swift would say: shake it off, shake it off.

Julie's work has a cat related assignment and there was an email sent out to staff requesting cat pictures.  So, last week, Julie was trying to get good pictures of RJ while he was at my parents' house, but he was not very good about sitting still for long periods of time. She got a few good shots, and here are two of my favorites.
Finally, Julie sent me this interesting article about a guy's experiment in wearing makeup for a week. Wow, that takes some guts.  Kudos to him!  "For many, makeup is comfort. Makeup is fitting in, it’s feeling attractive, it’s standing out in ways you choose to stand out."  YES, me and my winged liner agree!


Anonymous said...

That would be hard for me to shake off...if they were buying cards from me for the last couple of years. I am convinced that if you gave your cards away for FREE that would be the perfect price. And we know we can't do that, cause supplies to make cards don't come cheap. Some people just don't understand the economy of things. It will be interesting to see what the new card vendor comes up with. Eh....their loss, your gain...maybe you will get a better card order from within the Co.

RJ sure is a handsome cat....and I think he knows it too...(smile),
Stop by my blog and leave comments on my blog till February 8th. I will be sending a valentine card to 4 people who leave the most comments. Not much of a give away....but it is always fun to receive a card in the mail.

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