Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Hello, blogosphere! I finally got internet and cable television hooked up at my new place. I'm so happy to be getting back to blogging! :)

Craft room: Here are some pictures from my new craft room. The only new item in here was the folding table that my parents got me from Costco. Everything else, including the huge shelf unit on the wall was in my bedroom at my parents' house. I love it because I can raise or lower the shelves, depending on how high I need them. I like the flexibility. My mom bought this unit from the Container Store years ago, so I'm not sure if they have it available anymore. I love how much sunlight the room (and the house in general) gets. I have a closet on the wall facing the shelving unit, which is mostly empty at the moment.
8K training: Yesterday's workout was 2 miles at 9:50 minutes per mile (this is the pace that I'm shooting for at the September 8K). I went to the gym yesterday right after work and did the workout on the treadmill, with a few minutes walking between each mile. My usual race pace is 10:30 so cutting back 40 seconds was tough, but I managed. I'm having a hard time envisioning that I'll have to keep that pace for roughly 5 miles come September, but this is only Week 1 of training. It'll get better, right? Tonight's workout is spin class. THAT I can do.

At the office: One of the IT guys closed on his place the same day I did last week. Yesterday, I was whining about how I needed to go to the electrical company in person to prove that I'm the new owner of the house. He said "That's because you sound like you're 12 years old. People probably want to talk to your mom when they hear you on the phone. I never have that problem." Hardy har har. ::eye roll:: I'm taking the day off tomorrow to run some errands, one of them being to pay a visit to the electrical company.

Parents: Mom called me last night. "I'm making you that rice dish that you like. You want to come home for dinner?" Ah ha. She's luring me with food. Yep, that'll work. I went over for dinner and got some leftovers too!

Song of the day: "Honey Bee"- Blake Shelton

P.S. Thank you for all the kind blog comments that I've received regarding the new place! :)


Stamper for fun said...

congratulations on your new home. If one moves away from home one needs to be within dinner distance from the parents. LOL. You made the right move.

June K.

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