Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moving Day

Whew. Even though I didn't go to spin class today, I definitely got a workout in by moving a bunch of my stuff into the new place! Mom and I started loading up the cars around 8:30 this morning and then 3 of my cousins came to help finish the job. Once the cars were loaded, I lead the cousins to the new place. They all seemed very impressed with the place. I think they'll be more impressed when I have artwork hanging up and the house is fully operational.

It's amazing how one person has so much stuff! Most of it went to my craft room, imagine that. After two trips today, most of my kitchen and office is set up.

The dining room table that I'm going to be using actually started out at my house and has been passed on to many family members until it finally came back to us. One less thing to have to buy!

Tomorrow the plan is to get the mattresses over to the new place, a desk for crafting, maybe a new television, and some chairs for the dining room. I'm planning to put my full bed on risers and put a twin mattress underneath for any visitors that might stay the night. Originally, I thought of using the smaller bedroom as a guest bedroom, but I don't foresee lots of visitors that would stay long enough to need a bed and I thought it'd be a waste of space to have a bed in there that's rarely used. I'm so excited to have more space for crafting. This could be dangerous, ha ha.


Whimsicalstars said...

Moving is always exciting! I hear ya about the whole guest room thing, we have a very small 2nd bedroom in our apartment with a full size bed set up that was intended for guests, but the only one who came to visit the 4yrs we been up here was my mom and that was 4yrs ago! Since then its gathered dust and now it just has a ton of junk of it.... it really gets in the way because i use that room as my "studio".... Am thinking of just taking the bed down and propping it against the wall... At least would have some more room hopefully....

Jen W. said...

Whoo hoo! Have fun getting settled in and definitely don't waste that extra room on a bedroom! LOL! A craft room is far more important. :)

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