Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Yard Sale Find

Ginger: I ended up going over to my parents' house after the movie last night to take care of Ginger. They were out of town, moving my sister out of her rental house since her Master's degree experience has come to a close. Since I'd have to feed the cat in the morning too, I decided to spend the night there to save me the drive. She was very cuddly all night, sleeping at the foot of my bed. Awww.

Actually, I ended up going back to the house later in the afternoon because everyone was back at the house. I even took a nap in my old bed, ha ha.

Yard Sale Find: On my way back to my place, I stopped by another yard sale. I wasn't sure what I'd find here, but the proceeds were going to charity so I thought it was worth a look. I've been meaning to go to the craft store to pick up some clay so that I could make my own clay flower embellishments, but hadn't gone yet. It was just my luck when I found a bag filled with packages of Premo Clay- brand new, never been opened. There were so many colors to choose from! The sticker on the bag said $1 per package, but I asked the lady if she'd cut me a deal since I picked out 9. "How about $7?" SOLD! Based on the Premo Clay website, it looks like each package normally goes for $2.29, so I felt like I got a deal. I bought some molds from Etsy; I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail so that a new crafty adventure can begin! There was a bag of ribbon that I forgot about, but it's okay. Not like I need more ribbon anyway.


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