Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Hitchhiker and a Blast From the Past

OMG, the weirdest thing happened to me this morning. I picked up my first (and hopefully last) hitchhiker on my way to work. This woman waved me down and asked her if I could drive her to the main street that I was on my way to so that she could take the bus to get on the Metro. I'm glad that I had my sunglasses on so she wouldn't see me eyeing her with suspicion. If it was a man, I would have made up some excuse about how I was late for work and zoomed off. But this woman didn't look threatening and I didn't have a far distance to go. I took pity on her because it would have been a long way to walk in the heat. She got in the car and I tried to keep an eye on the road and an eye on her purse. Was she going to take out a weapon? Am I going to be on the news tonight? As I approached the main road, she asked if I could drop her off at the Metro since it seemed like I was going in that direction. Mmmyeahno. I'm going to let you off at the light. That was the deal. I said something about having to drive on the other side of the street and not the side that the Metro was on. She understood, told me "God bless you" and got out of the car.

Why couldn't my hitchhiker be Bono?


ANYWAYYYYY...let's talk about something more positive and less creepy. So, yesterday, a fellow intern from an internship that I did at a medical clinic 5-6 years ago contacted me via Facebook. She had seen the pictures of the cards that I made that I posted and she wanted to order a custom set of "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards! I often wonder if people go through those albums on my Facebook and whaddiya know, people do! :)

Song of the day: "Just a Kiss" - Lady Antebellum


Stamper for fun said...

Wow, I've never picked up a hitchhiker before, Tina. What a kind thing for you to have done.

**June K**

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