Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Atlanta, Day 1

Traveling to Atlanta this time wasn't so bad.  There was absolutely no line at security, which was totally bizarre.  Why doesn't that happen more often?!  My flight was only an hour delayed (as opposed to many more like last time).  It actually worked for the better because it shortened the time that I would have to wait at baggage claim for my boss.

After we picked up the rental car, we met up with other work colleagues that were in Atlanta for another work-related meeting.  We gathered who wanted to go to dinner and then we headed to Tin Lizzy's, a place that had a Mexican flair.  I had the cobb salad.  I really just wanted vegetables and I was nervous that the tacos or greasy food would make me feel gross later.  I shared a pitcher of margaritas with some of the people at the table.  After one glass, I was starting to feel very drowsy.  So much so that I started to space out and my boss had to wave her hand in front of my face to get me to perk up.

The entrance of the restaurant had this operation game guy.  It was kinda cool, but creepy at the same time.


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