Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Atlanta, Day 2

Oh, super...all-day meeting.  So much fun. 

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the report that the consultant wrote on the focus groups.  My boss and I crafted an agenda that would help us address everything that we needed to in a one-day meeting. 

And then meeting participants started talking about other stuff that the agenda totally got side-tracked.  It was really frustrating to me because the discussions got really technical and I got totally lost and the agenda was pretty much ignored for the majority of the morning.  I wondered a few times if my boss was secretly not happy with me for not typing away.  I have no idea what people are talking about!  I'm frustrated too! 

Fortunately, there was an action item list created at the end of the meeting and that made me a lot happier because it clarified what my to-do list between now and June 30 would be.

The trip to the airport was smooth and there wasn't a back-up at security.  When I got to the gate, I saw another co-worker there.  She was in another meeting in ATL, and I had seen her yesterday.  I was expecting another co-worker, but she was able to get on an earlier flight to make it home for her son's birthday.  This co-worker ended up sitting behind me on the plane.  I joked that I'd be home in time to catch the subway home (this co-worker did me a huge favor when we traveled to Salt Lake City and I got back to DC so late that the Metro had stopped running and she drove me to the Metro station to pick up my car). 

When we got to the gate in DC, my coworker was like "There's no place like home."  Amen, I totally hear you.

When I got back to my car, I said a little prayer that my car would start despite the cold.  It did!  The low tire pressure light went on, which I was expecting because it turned on a few days ago.  I went to a gas station near home to see if they had air.  They did...for $1.  I skipped on that and went to the one near my parents' house to get air for free. 

I was so happy to come home to find my 3 C's doing okay: car, casa, and cat.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Was it a little warmer in Atlanta??? Least you got away from the cold for awhile.

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