Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Frustration

We got a little bit of snow in Maryland last night.  While the county schools were closed, the federal government was open with optional leave or telework.  Since the roads weren't that bad, I decided to clean off my car and go to the office...where it was a ghost town.  I'm sure some people took advantage of the telework arrangement and some people aren't coming back until Monday from the holidays.  Anyway, not too long after I started working, I got locked out of my computer because I reset my password and then promptly typed it in wrong a few times.

If that wasn't bad enough, none of the IT folks were around.  I waited for about an hour for someone to show up, but alas no one showed up.  I had been texting my boss to keep her updated, and it turned out that other people were having technical issues that needed to be addressed.  Fortunately, I did a lot of work yesterday so I didn't have to freak out about any deadlines.  Planning pays off!  I told her I was going to go home because at least I could access SharePoint from my personal computer.  I later found that I could get into my computer, but the same password to get into my computer wasn't allowing me to log into my email.  Blah.

I had texted my friends Meg and Robyn about my situation.  They didn't have much luck today either.  Meg woke up to a freezing apartment and an iced over car.  Robyn had troubles getting to work.

I'm so glad for the weekend!!

P.S. On a brighter note, the receptionist complimented me on my nail polish today (Ulta brand in Envy).  It was chipping a little so I went back to red today...China Glaze in Vertical Rush.


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