Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cat Heater

At the office, I walked by two co-workers talking about pets and animals.  Ben was like "Oh, I want to cuddle with her kitty" (referring to RJ).  Aw, that's sweet.  Yeah, I'd let you, but you're allergic to cats. :(

My mind has been on pizza for the past two days.  I almost got some after I got home yesterday, but I thought that addressing my low tire pressure alert in my car was more important.  So, after a really busy day at work (only had time to eat a yogurt at 3 PM!), I dropped off all my stuff at home and used my app to call in a carryout pizza order.

When I got home, I noticed an email from the Human Resources lady at work.  "Are you coming to spin?"

Um, no.  I'm going to camp out on the couch with my pizza and cat and tv.

She replied saying that she was jealous.  Apparently, the spin instructor was looking for me.  Yikes.  I guess that means that I need to go to class soon.  Oops.

RJ used the pizza box as a heater when I was putting my stuff away and getting settled on the couch.  Opportunist...
I got working on my office card order today. Human Resources wants 55 of the top card (I need to change it to a checkerboard background) and 55 of the middle card. I finished about 20 of the middle card.


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