Monday, January 27, 2014

Erick's Birthday

My work week started out with sitting on an interview team.  I liked the candidate, but judging from the other ones that are in the queue to be interview, I don't think she's the most qualified.  Also, one thing she said stuck out when she was asked about her communication skills.  "When communicating amongst a team, I want to make sure that the other person sees my side."  I took that to say that she wants to make sure that the other person understood her position, but she wasn't necessarily requiring the other person to agree.  The other people on the interview team slightly frowned on that answer and didn't quite see it the same way I did.  There's a guy from CA that we're interviewing on Wednesday via Skype that looks more promising.

Today I went to my uncle's house for hot pot dinner and blueberry cheesecake to celebrate Erick's birthday.  I even got a second slice of cheesecake to take home, yum!


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