Thursday, January 16, 2014

Etsy Custom Order

Etsy Order: I got the following custom order request on Etsy earlier tonight.
I need you to make me a card for my mom. My dad got her recirculating hot water for Christmas she has a huge tub and I got her some lavender bath salts/candles, Anyway could you make a card that says happy first bath on it?
Interesting, right?  The first thought that came to mind was an origami sea otter, hanging out on his back.  I submitted the sample for approval, so we'll see what the customer says.
CVS Update: On a random point, I was looking at my receipt from when I bought chocolate from CVS earlier this week.  They overcharged me on sales tax.  14% instead of 6%.  Fortunately, 14% from $1.50 isn't a big deal, but still...

At the office: There was goodbye cake for one of the employees at work.  I actually said no to cake...go me!  I felt like the chocolate that I ate earlier hit the spot already.


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