Sunday, January 12, 2014

Magnetic Nail Polish

Productive Sunday:
  • Spin class (first one of the year for me...).  Apparently the new Wednesday night spin instructor looks like Juan Pablo from the Bachelor.  Hmm, maybe I'll investigate this week ;)
  • Vacuumed my car.  All the dried leaves that made their way into my car are gone and the floors look like new!
  • Finished the card order for the office.
  • Made dumplings.  I had to use up the rest of the napa cabbage I bought for the New Year's round of dumplings.
While at CVS a few weeks ago, I picked up 2 Sally Hansen magnetic nail polishes for 75% off.  I got 2 of these for Robyn's birthday in 2012, but they were too expensive for me to justify buying them for myself.  At a clearance price for $2 something, that was more reasonable to me.  I had a few smudges in the beginning, but then I realized that a better way to do the magnet is to hold my finger at eye level so I could see if the magnet in jeopardy of touching the fresh coat.  The effect is subtle, but I think it's still a cool concept.  This one is Graphite Gravity.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

OOOhhhhhh......Jaun Pablo he is soooooo handsome!!! And a gentleman too. By all means check out that spin class!! That magnetic nail polish looks interesting. Must try sometime.

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