Saturday, January 18, 2014

Alexandria Restaurant Week

At the spa/salon: The lady that waxed my eyebrows was like "Is it okay if I trim them?  They are kind of straight."  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  (eye roll).  That's why I'm here.  Work your magic! :)

Alexandria Restaurant Week:  Hooray, it's that time again!  I met up with my friends Robyn and Meg for dinner.  While there were several restaurants that were participating in Restaurant Week (appetizer, entree, and dessert for $35, not including tax and tip), we always go back to our default place: the Wharf.  We went last August AND last January.  I got the lobster crabcake, the lobster/scallop au gratin, and a piece of chocolate cake.  Yum!
After dinner, we went back to Robyn's apartment to continue chatting (there was lots to catch up in person since the last time the three of us were together in person was Robyn's birthday back in November) and exchange Christmas gifts.  Meg gave me a container of hot chocolate and a framed photo of us from the cruise last year.  Robyn gave me an origami calendar and an RJ mug!


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