Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Office Oops

At the office: I released my laptop from the docking station at work and I forgot that my music was still playing.  So the second I undocked it, everyone heard what I was listening to.  Fortunately, it wasn't something embarrassing like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears (which I will totally own up to listening, I guess.  I still jam out to Britney's "Toxic" every so often).  The guy that has the cube next to me laughed, "I'm glad that happened to someone else besides me."  With me paniking and my brain scrambling from embarrassment, I tried to run into a conference room to hide, but it was taken up.  Luckily I calmed down enough to laugh about the whole thing and turn off my music. 

I was listening to "19 You + Me," the New Heights and Colton Haynes version.   Although, I do appreciate the original version by Dan + Shay.  I didn't know that Colton Haynes could sing...I just know him from playing a jerk on MTV's Teen Wolf.  He's got a nice voice, which totally adds to his appeal.

This open office concept is just not for me and I am still adjusting. 

I had a committee call right after that incident and the BOD member asked me how people were adjusting to the new space.  I tried to put it nicely, "How well we are adjusting to the move depends on who you ask."  And then, to give some context and not wanting to come off as a brat, I explained that most of us are in cubes.  I think people on the phone understood.  I wondered during the drive home if that comment would come to bite me in the butt later on, but then I figured, it was a neutral answer.  I didn't name any names and I didn't incriminate myself.  And it was an honest answer.  Saying that everyone loves it would be a total, complete lie.  It's easy for the people that have hard wall offices to say they love it, but for many of us, the cube life is quite different.  I think it's good in theory, but in practice, that's another story..

Spin class: People have been chattering about the new spin instructor that teaches on Wednesday nights.  I've heard that he's Latino and said people have nicknamed him "Juan Pablo" from this season of the Bachelor.  While I don't watch the Bachelor, I wanted to see this guy for myself.  I can't say that he looks like Juan Pablo because his complexion is a little darker, but he is quite handsome. ;)


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