Sunday, March 22, 2015

AMOK and Netflix

45 minute spin class this morning (check!). 

Commence lazy day!

I helped Julie with her Annual Melee of Kindness gesture.  She wanted to make some friendship bracelet kits to donate to the Children's Inn in Bethesda. She put together 50 envelopes, and each envelope included a card that said "You're Some Kind of Wonderful" and 4 skeins of friendship bracelet thread.  I helped with making the notecards and she pretty much did the rest.  I "supervised" from the couch.  RJ circled around, curious as to what was going on.  I was afraid that he was going to take a flying leap onto the table and totally ruin all the sorting work that Julie and Mom did prior to Julie coming over.
Today, I ventured into the world of Netflix and that was a dangerous thing because most of my day was spent binge watching Season 2 of Arrow by streaming it through my Chromecast, even though I had seen it on TV last year.  Julie and I also watched Lilo and Stitch on Netflix during our crafty afternoon.  We'll see how this free month trial goes, but I have a feeling that $8 a month will be totally worth it.  With quite a selection and no commercials, I can see why people would use this as a substitute to cable or their DVDs. 


Anonymous said...

I have had Netflex for a couple of years....I can watch the movies straight from Netflex....on my computer. Plus I get movies from Netflex. Yeah it is totally worth it, I think. $16 a month, but I use it all the time...right now House of Cards is playing. I just watched Heaven is Real tonight...Don't have to go to the movies when the movies can come to you.

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