Friday, March 20, 2015

Snowy First Day of Spring

The calendar said that today was the first day of spring, but Mother Nature was holding onto winter for dear life.  Fortunately, tomorrow will be in the 60s and should melt some of this dreaded snow.  So over it!
I saw a note on Facebook that Kristina Werner (a card maker that I've followed for a few years now) had to put her cat down this morning.  My heart went out to her because Mannie had been sick for a few days. That must have been a very difficult decision to make.

I made a batch of butter chicken and left it out to cool off while I worked on my computer upstairs.  I come down 15 minutes later to find RJ licking his chops. Uh oh.  You'd think I would know better by now!  I didn't think he'd be interested because it's a little spicy.  Jerk.

Whatever. I'm still going to eat it. 


Anonymous said...

Oh-oh RJ bad boy!!! But could you be upset with those eyes looking back at you?? Oh gosh hard to put an animal down that is for sure. It's the longest day of a person's life!! Then the weeks after it, so hard.'s sunny here to be in the 50-60's I am so over winter also. Have a good day.

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