Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Event: My friend from graduate school Jessie invited me back to be a speaker for her middle school program for girls.  I've done this event several times in the past (March 2014, March 2012), and each time I think it's kinda funny that I'm at the age that people ask me for advice, when I'm still figuring stuff out just like everyone else.

The girls were divided into 4 different groups and every 10 minutes they rotated to another speaker to ask questions. Most of the questions were focused on the high school and college experience.  When there was a lull in the conversation, I welcomed them to ask other questions to make things a little interesting.

"Are you married?"

Ok, maybe opening myself up to other questions was not a good idea.

"When do you think you'll get married?"

o_0  Ummm...when I meet the right person?  Right now, I'm happy on my own with my cat.

They giggled at my answer. -_-

Maybe it wasn't the cool answer, but when I reflected on the experience on my drive home, I think it was important for them to see that the speakers are in different places in their lives, and we are all successful.  My friend Jessie is married with kids.  My friend Jenny (another graduate school friend that came to the event) is married without kids.  And I'm not married and I don't have any kids.

Jenny, who works at the University of Maryland, laughed and said that one of the girls wanted to know if the college boys hit on her. "No, I'm too old for them." "How old are you?" "31." "DANGGGG!"  Bah ha ha.
The name tent the girls made for me.  I'll have to add it to the one that I got from the UMD event last fall.


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