Monday, March 2, 2015

San Diego, Day 3: SeaWorld and Little Italy

Today's goal was to get Meg's rental car and the go to Sea World.  It was cool to see the marine animals swimming around.  We made sure to see all the animal shows: killer whale, dolphin and sea lion.  They were entertaining, but I wish there was more of an educational piece rather than the pomp and circumstance. I guess that's more of an aquarium thing?  I dunno.  A part of me also felt guilty about being there and supporting an organization that puts these large animals in tanks when they really should be out in the open ocean.  I didn't have that sense of guilt when I went to the zoo the day before. They did, however, mention something about rescuing many sea lion pups the past few months, so I'm hoping our admission ticket helps pay for those rescues. 
After a long day of walking, we definitely earned our dinner tonight.  We went to Filippi's for some Italian food in Little Italy.  I got the chicken parmigiana and Meg got the eggplant parmigiana.  OMG, the portion of food was huge.  In addition to the food seen in the picture below, we also got soup and salad.  Whew, but it was amazingly delicious!


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