Friday, March 27, 2015

Julie's Office Party

First up this morning, dental check-up.  All good news here.  Afterwards I went across the street and came out with some Listerine on clearance (gotta keep up with the dental hygiene), peanut butter M&Ms (to reward myself for good dental hygiene?) and some Starbucks cafe mocha mix (because I had a coupon and it tastes delicious).

The only things on my work calendar were 2 back-to-back conference calls.  Easy peasy.  TGIF!  One thing that I'm not so sure about is a PowerPoint slide deck that I got to review.  I'm not the subject matter expert on the project so the feedback I can give is minimal: typos, graphics, etc.  I wished that my boss and the SMEs on the project were not on vacation or on travel so they could give the feedback that would be most helpful to the consultants by next Tuesday.

Tonight was Julie's work's 15th year anniversary party at the Newseum.  I came as her +1.  It was quite fancy.  There was an open bar and tons of food. My favorites were the spring rolls and the key lime pie tarts.  They also set up a photobooth where you could superimpose yourself into projects that the company had worked on. It was nice to get dressed up since it doesn't really happen much outside of work.


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