Monday, March 30, 2015

New Piercings on a Day Off


o_0 What? It's 9 AM on my day off. Who the heck is ringing my doorbell at 9 AM on a Monday morning? Maybe if I ignore it, they'll go away.


Ok, maybe it's a neighbor alerting me to something important outside.

I mustered the energy to get out of bed and look out the peephole. ARGH, it's MOM! WTH?!

"Hi! I was in the neighborhood for my doctor's appointment and I saw your car in the lot. I wanted to come say hi to RJ. Wait, why aren't you at work? Aren't you going to work today? Isn't your boss going to wonder where you are? Hm, your entryway is a little dusty. Hi RJ! How are you???"

-_- Gee, I'm doing great, thanks for asking...

The rest of my day looked up after that.  I went to Michaels and got 2 embossing folder sets on clearance using a gift card, got a workout top from Kohl's using a $10 coupon (it came out to $2.11.  It was too good a coupon to waste), mailed off another Etsy order, bought a 4 lb container of strawberries from Costco with a minimal line, and got my ears pierced again on a whim (fourth one on my left ear and third one on my right).  I've been thinking about getting my cartilage pierced again since my original piercing developed a bump and I had to get it removed.  My lesson learned in that experience is to not get that piercing done with a gun and to leave it alone.

Googlemaps told me that the traffic to the gym was terrible, so I did 2 Fitness Blender workouts instead: "Wake Up and GO HIIT Workout - At Home HIIT Cardio Routine" and "Bodyweight Only Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout + Total Body Toning: Fitness Blender Blend."  I tried doing that second one back in early February, but could only get through half of it.  Even though I had to press pause a few times to catch my breath, I got through both of them. :D


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