Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meg's Birthday Dinner

Today's grocery trip was very random.  Flour (because I finally used up my 5 lb. bag...yikes, that's a lot of desserts!), a pooper scooper (because somehow I broke RJ's existing one this morning, sigh), and some ground beef to make some dumplings for my work's international potluck on Monday.
Earlier tonight, Robyn and I met up at Meg's place for her birthday dinner.  We went to Piola and got some Italian food and more importantly, some red sangria.  Most of the dinner conversation was about Robyn's Disneyland trip and my trip with Meg to San Diego that happened around the same time.  We went back to Meg's place to continue our conversation, see her open gifts (Robyn got her some new dangley earrings, and I got her a latchhook kit with a golden retriever puppy on it and some pretzel M&Ms) and eat some cookies.  I brought some oatmeal chocolate chip ones to share. 
Meg was a fan of the flamingo card that I made for her.


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