Friday, July 3, 2015

A Day at the National Mall

The exhibit that Julie worked on at the American History museum, American Enterprise, opened on July 1, so we decided to use our day off to go see it. It must have been rewarding for her to see something that she worked on come to life and have people play with the interactives that she created. My favorite interactives were the one that had to do with different types of drinks and how they are made and one about cat food (if it has cats, there's a 99% chance I'm going to like it) and a section on technology (they had a display with different types of cell phones, old and new). Oh, and I liked the American Flag display that was made of Legos.
Julie, at an interactive that she created about Market Revolution
Wandering over to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on Peru
Last stop: the Museum of Natural History...because they had air conditioning.
After the American History museum, we wandered to the Folklife Festival. There was a lot of stuff crammed in a small space and because the two of us are kinda short, it was tough to see anything because of the crowds. We eventually gave up and sought refuge at the Museum of Natural History to check out the dinosaurs because they had air conditioning. I was hoping to see the dinosaur exhibit, but unfortunately, the dinosaur hall is closed until 2019 (?!) so they had a smaller one that wasn't as exciting.

No gym today, but I did crank out about 14,000 steps today. I'll be back tomorrow before a July 4th BBQ at my parents' house.


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