Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Arm Day, Kinda

I got through about 80% of the prescribed Day 11 (Arms), and then the crowd started exceeding my comfort level so I decided to leave.  Ugh. That's the first time I haven't been able to complete a workout. I didn't think that waiting around for machines was going to be a productive use of my time anyway. Plus, RJ was probably freaking out at home, wondering why dinner was being served so late.

I went home to put on a dry shirt and then headed to my uncle's house to say goodbye since they are leaving for vacation tomorrow with my parents. I also wanted to see if I left my sunglasses there since I seem to be missing the second pair that I leave in the car (they weren't I guess this will give me an excuse to buy a new pair?  Ha ha). I also stopped by my parents' house to say bye to them too.

My plan is to do the rest of the workout tomorrow before spin class (which I haven't been to in a week, and I'm feeling really guilty about that too...). BLAH!


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