Saturday, July 18, 2015

New York City, Day 2

I got the New York bagel experience this morning for breakfast. The bagel place gave me far more cream cheese than necessary for one person. I could have probably used the cream cheese that I scraped off for another bagel! (I got a cinnamon raisin one with strawberry cream cheese).

Then it was off to Central Park. Suzie had work this morning, which actually worked out fine because I could do my own thing for a few hours and she didn't have to lose out on income by taking the day off. She ended up having 4 students to tutor anyway, so she kept busy while I was being touristy.

She walked with me in the direction of the zoo, but we separated around 9:30 AM. She drew me a map of NYC that she thought I would be interested and it really did come in handy. One of the attractions on the map was Lee's Art Shop. I got to the Central Park Zoo entrance around 9:45 AM, and since it wasn't opened yet, I decided to keep walking to the Art Shop. I got there right as they were opening and it was amazing. There were so many crafty things to buy and play with on the first floor and the second floor was dedicated to light fixtures and office furniture. I ended up buying some new markers (the sale sign was definitely a selling point). Notice all the testing I did on the pad of paper. HELLO! :)

I made my purchase and then backtracked to the Central Park Zoo and stayed there until about noon. There was a sea lion feeding at 11:30 AM and you could tell the sea lions were so excited to see their trainers carrying food to their enclosure. YAY, lunch time!! The Zoo was a little small so it wasn't like I could spend all day there, so I headed towards the American Museum of Natural History. As I got closer, I could see there was a line forming out the door...and around the corner.  Ugh, no thanks. I went around the block and saw there was a planetarium. I saw a sign for the featured exhibits for the Natural History Museum because, who knows, maybe something would be worth seeing for the waiting and admission ticket. One of the exhibits listed was focused on spiders. Live animals! Larger-than-life models!  I promptly made a U-turn and walked out. No, thanks! Gross. I walked to a Starbucks to get something to drink and charge my phone a little.
Before I knew it, it was time to meet up with Suzie since her shift ended. We decided on getting lunch at Tiramisu. We had stuffed mushrooms, salad, meatballs, tiramisu and some cream puffs filled with ice cream. Yum!
We walked around NYC for a little bit, but around 5 PM, my feet had had enough.  We headed back to Suzie's place and ate leftover Indian food and chatted until it was time to put on an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and then go to bed. With all the walking I did today, I got a new Fitbit step record, 27K+!


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