Friday, July 24, 2015

Volunteer Activity #4 of 2015

Julie was supposed to have another person with her at the Random Acts table at the Supernatural Convention in DC today, but for some reason there was some misunderstanding and that person couldn't show up until this afternoon. She asked me if I could pitch in to help, and I said sure. Well, especially when we agreed that my payment would a Five Guys burger. I should just wear a shirt that says "Will work for food." It wasn't a hard task anyway since we'd done this in Vancouver last year.

Random Acts was partnering with So Others Might Eat and collecting food and monetary donations. The picture that I took at around 5 PM wasn't all the donations.  There's stuff under the table and a SOME staff person took like 10 bags of donations around 3 PM. The convention attendees were very generous people. It'll be interesting to see how much more stuff they get tomorrow and Sunday. Julie will have help this weekend, so my sisterly obligations are complete.


June K said...

"Will work for food" - too funny.

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