Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Unwelcomed Blast From the Past and Leg Day

Dear Unwelcomed Blast from the Past,

I would be dumber than a box of rocks if I accepted the Facebook friend request that you sent me last night. I haven't responded to any of your attempts to contact me over the years with good reason. I don't understand why you thought this time would be different. Was the silence not loud enough? Your request was promptly deleted, as I have no interest in dealing with people who have taken my kindness for granted.



Geeze, some people just can't take a hint. (eye roll)

P.S. I had a pretty awesome leg day (well, we'll see how awesome I'm feeling tomorrow morning...). Day 12 of Crush60, done. I had a minor panic moment when my Bluetooth earbuds stopped working. Oh, heh, that's because they ran out of power and needed to be charged.

I also watched Kingsman: The Secret Service via Redbox. It was pretty cool! It had shades of Harry Potter. Underdog kid goes through training and eventually kicks some serious butt.


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