Saturday, July 11, 2015

CrossFit Class and Founding Farmers

I went with my sister to a CrossFit class this morning. After taking the free trial class 2 weeks ago, I bought a set of 10 classes. I can't commit to buying a membership since I already belong to another gym, but at least this way, I can go to classes with her on Saturdays. My ungraceful moment was not catching a wall ball in time and it hit me square in the face. Fortunately, the ball is a little squishy so it wasn't too bad. There was no time to think about it because it was during the 10-minute partner workout. The longer I took, the longer Julie had to do burpees behind me. I also did a new exercise, which was using resistance bands for pull ups. I recognized one of the gentlemen there from spin class, so I went over there to confirm my suspicions. Everyone was so friendly and I appreciate the encouraging atmosphere. Having a smaller class size allows the coaches to correct form, offer tips and overall cheer everyone on.

We went back to the house and got cleaned up so that we could go to Founding Farmers for brunch with Mom and Dad. Julie's work gave her a generous gift certificate to the restaurant to thank her for the work she did on the American Enterprise project. Dad got 3 different types of rolls (chicken salad, crab and lobster); Mom got the stuffed blueberry French toast; I got an egg scramble with sausage, mushroom and spinach and a bellini; and Julie got eggs, sausage, hash browns and a biscuit. So good. I was able to take some leftovers home for dinner.
Waiting for our hungry!
Mmm, brunch!


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