Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th Nails

Feeling appropriately patriotic, I did a July 4th manicure on Friday night. Some glitter, some metallic, some nail art stamping. :)

In an effort to burn off last night's dinner (or rather dessert), I went to a 45 minute spin class this morning, went home to do a load in the dishwasher/eat/charge phone/take a short nap and then went to the other gym to do Day 4 of Crush60 (arms). I could definitely feel it when I was washing my hair. Tomorrow should be interesting, especially with traveling to Atlanta for work.

There was a guy doing cable chest flys that was creeping me out. A helpful tip: talking to yourself out loud as a form of motivation makes you look more like a looney toon than He-Man, mkay? (eye roll)


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