Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

The gym opened at 8 AM this morning per their July 4th schedule. I wanted to get today's workout (Day 3 of Crush60...lots of squats and ab work. Comparatively not as tough as Days 1 and 2, but tomorrow will be arms and I foresee it being a challenge) done and out of the way so I got there probably around 8:10 AM. I stayed an extra 30 minutes and walked on the treadmill while watching Daredevil Episode 2 on Netflix (yay for wifi at the gym!) because it was raining outside and I didn't have an umbrella. The rain hadn't stopped by the time the 30 minutes was up so I figured I was already sweaty, what difference would it make. I went to Safeway for some groceries and then home to take a shower. What a difference that and some winged liner makes! On another note, I bought these black shorts probably like a year or two ago. I remember them feeling kinda tight, so they had been in my closet at the bottom of the pile. I took them out today just to see what would happen, and they fit so much better. Yay, progress!
I had a $10 off and triple points coupons from DSW so I wandered over there this afternoon. My goal was to find a pair of nude pumps because I had to throw away my old ones. They had been to many conferences already and were in bad shape. Buh-bye. I walked over to the clearance section and found the same pair in yellow for 30% off. Bah ha ha...
I made some rice krispie treats to bring with me to the family BBQ, but I wonder if that was even necessary since my uncle/aunt ended up bringing 2 pies (apple and strawberry rhubarb) and my cousin made flan. Even though Julie made her famous steaks, the hot dogs were the most popular item on the menu and they were all gone by the time dinner was over.

I will definitely be going to the 8:30 AM spin class tomorrow. Hope everyone out there had a happy and safe 4th of July!


June K said...

Congrats on your black shorts fitting better. Go girl!

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