Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Performance Day and Pizza

I finished checking the rest of the survey data! And the best part was that out of 80+ questions, only 2 questions that I checked didn't match the survey guy's answers. I was able to talk to him about it and now my results match his. Now, we wait for the survey director to confirm everything and we can get these reports out to the respondents.

Hilary's last day was today and for her goodbye cake, her boss got an ice cream cake. So yummy. I, of course, had a piece, and then promptly went to the gym for Day 9 of Crush60: Performance to try to even things out. There was a guy there that had several plates on the machine row. I seriously thought he was going to hurt himself.

I took RJ to my parents' house since I'm heading to NYC on Friday for the weekend. I ran into my cousin who was walking back from the Metro and he said that he was going to get some pizza from Costco and if I wanted some.  Um, yes! RJ thought it was for him.


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