Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day Off

Since I'm all caught up with work, I decided to take the day off. Except I noticed an invoice from a consultant came in and I felt like I needed to address it since invoices are due COB on Tuesdays. I thought they should have invoices us double the amount but they said that they'd send the second invoice later on this week. Ugh. Whyyy? Just tack it onto this one! Then because I don't have the right Adobe Acrobat software, I couldn't piece together the PDF and had to send my boss 3 different files for her to deal with. Blah.

I packed up some stuff for the gym and went to meet up with my former co-worker Morgan for lunch (Thai). Then I went to the gym for Day 14's workout (shoulders), home for a nap and snack and then back out for spin class. Julie asked me to feed Harry after class so yep, there he was, waiting for dinner. He could easily kill something for dinner, why eat kibble? :P


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