Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Breakfast of Champions

Oh, RJ. You make me so jealous of your life.

When I got to the office today, Michelle gave me a chocolate cupcake from her daughter's birthday party this past weekend. Aw, yay. It was a yummy second breakfast, heh.  Another good thing that happened at the office was that I got 2 invoices that I had been waiting on the past few weeks. With the end of the cooperative agreement year approaching quickly (June 30), all our contracts have to be closed and invoiced by then. I'm still waiting on a few things, but it's totally out of my control. I don't think that nagging would help either. Blah.

Today's workout: 45 minute spin, FitnessBlender's newest workout Upper Body Dumbbell Workout - Challenging Upper Body Exercises for Strength & Coordination and 50 burpees. I have a feeling that my shoulders and arms are going to be very unhappy with me tomorrow morning.


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