Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Speed Bumps and Lasagna

Ugh, this morning didn't start off on the right foot. First, I noticed that I didn't put my right contact in the case, so this morning, I found it in its wrinkly state. This was the second time in the past few weeks that I messed up a contact. That one was a tear in the middle (?!), but I didn't feel as bad because I needed to switch them anyway. But the one this morning, I mean, really?!  Grr. Second unfortunate thing this morning was that when I got to the office, I realized that I forgot my Fitbit at home! Blah!  I made sure that I went to the gym earlier today so that I could get some steps in on the treadmill before a 45 minute spin class.

Those were minor speed bumps though.

In other news...

When I put on my belt this morning, I could comfortably move the pin to the next belt hole.  Yay, some tangible evidence that my progress is not part of my imagination!  Then when I went to spin class, the instructor complimented me on my workout top that I bought from Kohl's not too long ago- before and after class. "Work it, gurl!"  Hah.

After spin class, I went over to the house because my sister was planning to make lasagna.  An opportunity to not have to cook dinner myself?  Yes, please.  She was in the middle of a conference call and the food wasn't ready yet.  I sat in the sun room and waited and hung out with Harry the Homeless Cat. He didn't look very pleased that it was drizzling outside.  However, he made no move to get under shelter.  Sigh.


Jen W. said...

Whoop whoop on the weight loss! You look great!

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