Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Embarrassing Moment

So, my embarrassing moment today.  I usually give the gas station attendant $20 for gas, but for some reason, I went with $15 this time.  I filled up and saw that the gas pump stopped at $15, so I went in to ask for change.  The guy looked very puzzled at me. "Wait, what gas pump?"  #8.  "How much did you give me?" And then it dawned on me that I only gave the guy $15.  Oops, sorry!  Apparently, my brain was still waking up from a nap.

Afterwards, I went to my parents' house for some newspaper bags for RJ and then I went home to do Kelli's Superset Total Body Strength Workout: Calorie Torching, Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workout. :)


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