Monday, June 29, 2015

Schedule Switch-Up

Early to rise: Today I tried something different. I've been debating on how I can go to the gym to strength train AND go to spin class. I like the one gym near my high school for their spin classes because I'm familiar with the instructors, but I would rather go to the gym near work to lift because I like their space. Do I go to the gym early to lift and then go to work - OR - do I go lift after work and then head home to feed RJ and eat and then go to the other gym to spin?

Today, I'm trying the latter. RJ usually wakes me up at 5 AM to feed him. I don't want to use the automatic feeder during the summer with the wet food because with the warmer weather, I don't want the food to spoil by the time breakfast rolls around. Anyway, instead of crawling back into bed for another 1.5 hours, I only did it for 30-45 minutes, enough time for my brain to boot up completely. At around 7 AM, I think I was the first one in the office, which was a little creepy, but at least I didn't have any distractions while I addressed some emails and an invoice that came in last Friday on my day off.  Oh, and I also wrote up my performance review. A year's worth of work boiled down to a several-paged PDF. Is it even going to make a difference? I'm thinking that the supervisors have decided on raises far before we do these performance reviews. Blech.

Gym time: I left the office around 3 PM to go to the gym and cranked out 10 minute walk on an incline, 2000 m row, and leg raises. There were quite a few people in the weight lifting section, as in really big guys. Gee, not intimidating at all. Ok, Hulk and Thor. Go save the planet and give the short people some room. While I did the leg raises, I surveyed that part of the room to see what machines were there and how people were using them. Truthfully, I purchased a strength training program last night (something that has lots of people talking about on tumblr), but I don't feel like I can fully commit to it until I understand the exercises and how to use the machines. I have a trip to Atlanta next week for work and a trip to New York City in mid-July to visit my friend Suzie, so I'm thinking between now and the time I get back from NYC, I need to get my homework done and then I'll feel better about going full steam ahead with the program. It's kinda

With the crowd, I kinda gave up and went to home to feed RJ.  And then I headed back out to go to the other gym for spin class. Since I got there early, I walked another 10 minutes on the treadmill and then experimented with the dip assist machine. One of the exercises in the plan asks for 5 sets of 15. I had to split this up before and after spin class, but wow, my shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow. Some people do these dips with not only their own bodyweight, but they ADD weights...that's insane. :P

The spin instructor commented on how consistent I've been about coming to class. That was nice of her to say. :)


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