Sunday, June 28, 2015


Unlike the day after the first CrossFit class I took where it seemed like everything hurt, I woke up with some sore shoulders, but it wasn't too bad. Good thing because today ended up being a busy day...
  • 45 minute spin class (went to Target afterwards to wander, but came out with nothing. I did noticed that they had some of the new Maybelline Creamy Mattes, but I ran away before picking up anything)
  • Came home to download music to my iPhone, do a load of laundry (yay, fresh sheets), vacuum, scrub down the bathroom, eat some lunch.
  • Go back to the gym, this time the one closest to work. I tried to take it easy on the cardio since I already did a spin class: 0.25 mile run at 5.5 mph, 0.75 mile walk up a 7.0 incline at 3.5 mph, 5 planks at 40 seconds each, leg press/extension/curls, 30 wall balls with a 10 lb ball. THE END.
  • Came home, did another load of laundry (yay, clean workout clothes and towels) and took a shower and a NAP!
On my grocery shopping trip on Friday, I got some ground beef, mushrooms, and other ingredients to make spaghetti sauce. I made a pot of it tonight while watching The Dark Knight Rises on TV. I don't think I'd even get tired of this movie.


Anonymous said...

"Sghetti" looks yummy!!!

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