Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fitbit Reunion and Clean Eating Challenge Finale

I have been tracking my Fitbit shipment for the past few days. It was stuck on "out for delivery" for a while yesterday that I just gave up waiting and went to bed last night. I checked it first thing this morning and its status was updated to "delivered." What?! How did that happen? I opened the front door and there it was, in a soggy gross box due to the loads of rain that we got last night. Fortunately, nothing was damaged inside. Whew! After a little over a week without it, we're reunited...and I can go back to obsessing over my step count.

Yesterday was Day 21 of the Clean Eating Challenge that Julie and I did. It was surprisingly not that hard. I was expecting to be thinking of candy and ice cream 24/7, especially at work when I'm waiting for people to get back to me. Fruit, nuts (almonds specifically) and cheese have really helped me get through these past 3 weeks. While I didn't see that many changes in my weight, I will say that I feel better (no stomachaches from binging on junk food, go figure).

I went to Target after going to the gym for spin and bought a bag of gummy bears for Julie and a box of Milk Duds for myself as rewards. I opened the box after came home from my parents' house and my uncle/aunt's house and normally, I could power through a whole box with no problem, but I stopped about halfway because I thought it was too sweet (o_0 ??!!). Maybe my sweet tooth self is finally turning it around. I will say that I'm happy that the challenge is over so that I can use the FrozenYo tokens that I received last week.

Shortly after I put the Milk Duds in the refrigerator, I cranked out a FitnessBlender workout (a new one for me): Brutal Fat Burning Cardio HIIT + Dynamic Total Body Strength Training - FB Blend. Oh, it was brutal. I had to take a longer water break and I didn't do as many reps as Kelli, but I did complete the workout.

Some other fun things that I bought while I was at Target: 2 superhero t-shirts (to join Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Batman in my existing collection) and some falsies (just for fun). The Captain America shirt is especially soft. I found the shirts in the men's section on sale for Father's Day...hello, why does it have to be limited to men? Girls like superheroes too!


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