Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Dumplings and Gym Time

This morning hit a little snag when I went to the gym for spin class. The key to open the doors apparently wasn't working. The staff went to another location to see if she could get another key. I waited around for about 20 minutes and since they weren't able to fix the problem, I went to my parents' and uncle/aunt's houses to drop off some dumplings Robyn and I made last night. Blah, well, at least I have another gym location I could go to.

I went home to do a load of laundry and make the rest of the dumplings from last night (about 50). Then it was time to head to the gym: 2.63 miles in 30 minutes, 2000 meter row, leg press/extension/curls and then did some strength training with FitnessBlender's Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells - Challenging Dynamic Superset Workout.

Currently watching "Best of Me" on Netflix. Hello, James Marsden. :)


Anonymous said...

You made me hungry for dumplings. I had some in the freezer, I bought from Schwans....Fried up some zucchini with tomatoes, added the dumplings and some fried rice.....yum, hit the spot!!!! But I bet the dumplings were not as good as yours. Have a good week.

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