Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Work Field Trip

Today I had the opportunity to go with some of my co-workers to the DC Public Health Laboratory for a field trip.  I got to work around 7:15 AM to get some work done before we had to meet in the lobby around 7:45 AM to catch the mini-bus.  I packed up my last 2 FedEx shipments leftover from the Annual Meeting and felt relieved.  My coworkers will have some peace and quiet instead of me ripping the bubble wrap, putting together the boxes and ripping off the label to uncover the adhesive.

The laboratory was cool to see.  It's pretty amazing that they do so much with only 11 people on staff. Everyone has to wear multiple hats, so it's difficult to see how they would manage to get things done when there's a public health emergency.  And with being in DC, that could totally happen. It's disappointing that the powers-that-be don't see the value in giving them more money so they can have more man power to get stuff done.

The forensics laboratory was in the same building, but because of an audit, they were no open to public tours.  Darn it, that's what I was really looking forward to.  It made me think of Abby from NCIS.

FitnessBlender workout for tonight: Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells - Challenging Dynamic Superset Workout (check!)

I also got an Etsy sale today, the first one in a while, yay!


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