Monday, June 22, 2015

Having a Meeting of the Minds

I was originally going to take today off, but something popped up on Friday and I promised that I would take care of it on Monday. Blah. Oh well. I'm working from home this Wednesday and taking Friday off, so it's all good.

The spin instructor was so apologetic for the doors being locked yesterday. Apparently one of the staff used some superhuman strength to open the doors. I had left before that happened, but that would have been a cool sight to see. That and I imagine everyone that was outside cheered for him in relief. Anyway, the instructor brought in bottled water and some clementines for everyone. I took a clementine, which was nice, but got a good 45-minute workout (I did a mile on the treadmill before class too), which was even better.
Please don't sleep on my pillow when I'm at work. Ok, whatever you say.


Jen W. said...

Ha! Love this photo!

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