Monday, June 8, 2015

Potluck Success

On the drive to work this morning, I heard 'NSYNC's "I Want You Back."  Wow, talk about a flashback to my high school days.  Of course, I knew all the words and lipsynced for the duration of the song.  Meh, no one has to know I was a former teenybopper.

One cool thing today was that the director that I helped after the Annual Meeting gave me 2 FrozenYo coins. So excited!  The other cool thing that happened was that we had our summer office potluck. My favorites were a ramen summer salad that Jennifer made, macaroni and cheese (Tiffany maybe?), a orzo salad, some turkey meatballs, and some chicken that Michelle made.  Ok, that's a lot of favorites.  I didn't have any of the desserts (my banana pudding, blueberry pie, some sort of chocolate mousse, and a peach cobbler?). I was full from the 1.5 trips I made for regular food and I wanted to keep going strong with the clean eating challenge.  I will say that I ate a few of the vanilla wafers that were leftover from when I made the banana pudding, but there weren't that many left at the bottom of the bag.

P.S. I love that the weather is nice enough to wear this dress to work now. It's got a lace top and denim-ish bottom, but it's all one piece.


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