Saturday, January 9, 2016

CrossFit and Craft Time with Tina

9:30 AM CrossFit, check! It was funny to see some folks that were in last night’s class. Yay for us dedicated folks! I worked on my back squats. 3 x 5 at 85 lbs. I figured this was a good weight to start with since it’s the first week of the strength cycle. The WOD was 75 burpees and max clean and jerks in 7:00. It took me all 7 minutes to do the burpees. I probably could have done one rep of the clean and jerk, but my arms were jello, especially with all the rowing we did last night. It was almost like karma because a few days ago, another fitness blogger was challenged to do 100 burpees and I sorta smiled to myself like "Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not doing that." Mmmyeah. While 75 is not 100, it's still a lot! I was slightly tempted to not go, but I missed 2 classes this week and I told Maria that I was going to go, so...yeah.

By the way, I got this workout top from Target last night (along with the blue and green versions) on clearance for $3.88 (!?) and a long sleeve workout top on clearance for $8.38. Mwah ha ha. If you're looking for new workout clothes, Target had a bunch on clearance...both tops and bottoms.
My friend Michelle asked me if I could do a card-making session with my banana pudding sous chef and her card-loving friend. Oh, sure! We made origami samurai hats and several cards. I mean, check out the amazing talent. In exchange for my time and supplies (I didn’t feel comfortable accepting money from her), Michelle made me a tray of macaroni and cheese. Kitty was super curious. Commence food coma.
We made samurai hats with mouse wrapping paper.
"Macaroni and cheese? I like macaroni and cheese!" Mmhm, nice try.


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