Friday, January 15, 2016

Workgroup Meeting, Day 2

Do you hear that sound? It’s my sigh of relief…my 1.5 day meeting was a success. There’s a lot to do between now and June, but it can all wait until Tuesday. I was starting to feel completely overwhelmed, but I have to remember that it's not just me that has to do this work. 3-day weekend ahead, YAY!

Because I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, I was able to go home early today after sending the workgroup members on their way. I promptly threw off all my work clothes like I stole them, got in my pajamas, and took a nap before 5:15 PM CrossFit.

 We worked on our back squats tonight. 3 x 5 at 95 lbs. And the WOD was 5 rounds of 10 front rack lunges (50 lbs) and 20 sit-ups. I’ll be back for more fun tomorrow at 9:30 AM!

I caught a perfectly timed cat yawn, hah.


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