Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pull-Up Day, CrossFit Open and Mean People Suck

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Pull-up day.

Then for the WOD: 3 rounds, in pairs
A) 150m row, 5 burpees over the rower, 2 shuttle runs
B) max sit-ups 1 minute of rest and then switch activity.

The CrossFit coaches have been encouraging use to sign up for the CrossFit Open, both at class and then specifically calling out members on their Facebook page. So...I registered. This will be a good challenge. Even if I can't do the prescribed workouts, they will have scaled versions.

I tried to do my hair a different way with a headband, but I didn’t have time to make sure that it would stay all day. Back to the old standby ponytail.

People were so impatient driving this morning since the snow is still blocking some of the lanes. Hey, I can gesture and honk my horn too (but I won’t because it wouldn’t do any good anyway). Jerks.


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