Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowstorm Jonas, Day 3

Someone challenged me to a burpee competition, so we agreed to do 100 each. I did it for time this morning. Whew! With sweat in my eyes, I tapped the lap button instead of stop, oops. Next time, I hope to be sub-10:00.

And after breakfast, I tackled my sidewalk. I'm glad that the snow was not too heavy. I'm not too happy with my neighbors who haven't done their neighborly duty of shoveling the sidewalk. Some of the townhouses stick out, so no, you don't just shovel the front...I think you should have to shovel the sidewalk around your house!  I haven't been able to access the parking lot behind my house because both access points are blocked by f-ing snow.

After approximately a month’s worth of work, I’m done with this cross-stitch project of my alma mater. In other news, work is closed tomorrow. 6:30 AM CrossFit is canceled, which is fine by me since I’ll be digging my car out from the snow. Anyone wanna help? I’ll trade dumplings, cookies, banana bread, etc. for your efforts!


Jen W. said...

I would definitely have helped for those incentives!!! So I'm guessing RJ was thrilled to bits having you all to himself for the weekend. :)

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