Monday, January 4, 2016

CrossFit and an Unusual Facebook Friend Request

Blah, Mondayyy. Ok, let’s do this!

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on our push presses. 3x5 at 65 lbs.

Today’s WOD was:
8:00 to complete:
- 600m run or 750m row (I ran…wow, was it cold outside!)
- 50 push-ups (with black and red bands)
- max pistols (to bench)

One of my coworkers complimented me on my makeup this morning and said that I wore the dark lipstick well. Aw. It’s Sephora cream lip stain in Blackberry Sorbet, in case anyone was curious.

One interesting thing that happened today was that my boss sent me a Facebook friend request. I haven't accepted it, and I'm not sure that I will. I am Facebook friends with other people at work, some people at a higher level than I am at. I have to be careful of what I post anyway since there's a chance that it'll get back to my boss, but eh, this is kinda weird, right? We had previously talked about this too, about how she would not friend me on Facebook unless I friended her first. I'll just let the request sit there for a while until I figure out what to do.


Jen W. said...

Hmmm... awkward... FB can be so problematic sometimes!

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