Saturday, January 2, 2016

CrossFit, Cards, and the Comeback Kid

9:30 AM CrossFit, check! 6th class in a row…

Partner WOD
A) Complete 200 squats
farmers hold (25 lbs each hand)
B) Complete 150 sit-ups
plate squat hold (10 lb plate with arms stretched in front)
C) Complete 100 box jumps (20 inches)
plank hold

You could switch however you liked, but if the partner dropped the hold, you HAD to switch. My sister and I did the workout in a little over 20 minutes, whew! Ow, my abs. I mean, my ass. No, actually, really, it’s both. Compared to the other partner workouts we've done this holiday, this one wasn't too bad. I think the 12 Days of Christmas one was the hardest out of all of them. One funny thing that happened was that Coach Mike took our 20 lb dumbbells that Julie and I were going to use for our farmers hold and replaced them with 25 lbs. "Thank you..." and walked away. Hah.
My cousin texted me this picture of my parents. Looks like they are having a good time on vacation.
A productive afternoon/evening post-CrossFit…
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Made chicken/veggies dinner with a tikka masala packet
  • Ate said dinner with my sister. Commiserated on how everything hurt as a result of this morning’s workout. Watched John Mulaney’s “The Comeback Kid” on Netflix and laughed our heads off.
  • Made some more cards and Facetimed with Dad in Taiwan. He was in the middle of a seemingly fierce game of mahjong (if there is such a thing) with my other relatives.


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