Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, 202Strong!

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on our pull-ups today. And then a special 1-year anniversary of the opening of the CrossFit box WOD.

As a team of four, we did…
365 air squats (for each 365 item, each girl did 90 and the guy did 95)
19 power cleans
365 sit-ups
19 push press
365 double unders (the coach modified it so that it was 250 single unders per girl bc otherwise we’d be there forever. The guy was on the bike bc of his bum ankle)
19 clean and jerk

Since we had Monday off, today was a busy day at the office! I cleaned up my minutes from last week's meeting and sent them off to a coworker so he could insert anything that I missed and a poster abstract for our annual meeting.

6:30 PM spin class, check! I haven’t been to a Tuesday night class in a while. The spin instructor commented on my “transformation” several times (What. Yikes, has it been that long???). In front of the whole class. EEK, uncomfortable spotlight. On the other hand, it’s good to know the hard work is paying off!!!

After class, I went to my parents’ house. Mom just got back from Taiwan a few hours ago with yummy food in tow. I made a beeline for the pineapple cake and mochi and gleefully stuffed my face (duh, why do you think I went to CrossFit this morning AND spin tonight?) as Mom talked about her trip.

In other news, the “homeless” cat that hangs out on my parents’ deck is in the little hut my sister built for him. He’s got a warm nest in there. This is after many weeks of my sister griping about her efforts being unappreciated.


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