Monday, January 18, 2016

Pull-Ups at CrossFit and a Day Off

I thought I'd get a relaxing day off. NOPE. WRONG.

Well, I got 6:30 AM CrossFit out of the way. We did pull ups and the following workout for the WOD: 2 x 750m row. When one person is rowing, the other person had to do 20 dumbbell snatches, 10 per arm.

Julie texted me when I got home to ask if I could go over to the house to check to make sure that the stove was turned off.  Sigh, ok, no big deal. It was turned off, so that was good to confirm. I then went to Costco and Target and I get another text from her, asking if I could go back to the house to get stuff that Dad needed to get a new American and Taiwanese passport. BLAH. Ok, fine. I'd be freaking out if I was in Dad's position, so I wanted to get that stuff off to him ASAP.


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