Thursday, January 14, 2016

Workgroup Meeting, Day 1

Today’s full day meeting was a success! Everyone was participatory, and ideas were flowing. There were a few moments where it got super technical and I had no idea what was going on, but fortunately, the workgroup chair took notes on that part. There was some brainstorming on next steps and wow, these people are very ambitious about what should happen next. Hello, let's try to get to through the annual meeting in June first, okay?  Why are we even talking about building a website right now?  We have no material TO PUT UP on the website. And who do you think is going to do all this work? Um, this is not the only project that I'm working on and stuff just doesn't appear out of thin air! One step at a time, folks!

The workgroup and staff went out to dinner afterwards. I got the chicken tacos, but only ate 2 of them because I was so full from other stuff we ate today. My boss and my former committee chair gave me their leftovers since they don’t have refrigerators in their hotel rooms. Is that weird? Meh, we’re like family. Yay, I can hold off on real grocery shopping for another two days!

Here’s tonight’s stitch session. Off to bed for me…only a half day meeting tomorrow.

P.S. RIP Alan Rickman, aka Professor Snape. Also, Julie and I got an email from Dad. He lost his American and Taiwanese passports!  AHHH!  (Sigh...)


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